Build In Public

cnu's Build In Public log

Past few days I was silent on my #BuildInPublic challenge building

But I wasn’t slacking around. I was working on the mockups of the UI and the user journey through the landing page creator & DB Schema.

Here are the mockups & details:


Had a long 2.5 hours call with a friend discussing the app wireframe and DB schema design for

Every 15 minutes I keep thinking “Am I over-engineering it?”

It’s easy to build a lot of features into a product, but the hard part is building less.


Yesterday I posted about how I will be pre-selling the site and I have put together a quick Gumroad page.

For just $49, you can get lifetime access to the unlimited version of the landing page tool I am building.

You can create unlimited landing pages, unlimited page views, and all features in the tool (like A/B Testing, pre-sell, analytics, etc.)

The price of $49 is till Nov 28th only.

After that, for every week, the price will keep increasing every week and eventually sell for $99.


Now that everyone is doing a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, should I pre-sell a lifetime deal for


The landing page for my #buildinpublic challenge is ready.

I spend a couple more hours than what I planned originally, but I think this is simple enough for a v0.1.

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Coming up with a concept for a logo and even designing the logo is easy for me.

But deciding the right colours is where I am bad.

Anyway, I did a quick mockup for my 0th #BuildInPublic challenge and here’s the logo.


I own ~30 different domains and 100+ ideas in my notebook.

The number 1 problem I have when I get an idea is how to validate it quickly. How do I get the email addresses of interested people?

The site I am building now aims to solve this problem.

Here's what I'm building:


In 6 weeks, we will be celebrating a new year and it's the time when people will start new resolutions and challenges.

I am also planning to start a new #BuildInPublic challenge in 2023.